Fostering a Friendly Community Through RV Park Events

Events - 2021

Keep checking back for an updated 2021 Events Schedule!

Of course, we have happy hour every day at 4:30 – a chance to meet new friends, connect with each other, tell stories and just relax! Throughout June, July and August we may have a Karaoke night or some other event. Don’t forget the annual Eagle Nest RV golf tourney held at the end of August. More about that as the summer goes on.

We’re looking forward to another great summer – we hope you are too!

Guest Ambassadors 2021 Season

Our Guest Ambassadors are looking forward to your arrival in 2021.

Come and enjoy the beauty that is the Flathead Valley and all it has to offer – go rafting on the Flathead River, enjoy the majesty of Glacier Park, find wildlife at the National Bison Range or just relax at your RV site and listen to the birds serenade you as you gaze at the Mission Mountains. Enjoy a game of golf right at our back door. There is so much to do and enjoy around Eagle Nest RV Resort.

If you’d like to join us in 2021 reservations are available online by clicking here. You will be contacted within 48 hours to obtain a credit card for a deposit.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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